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Energy, Infrastructure & Project Finance

Indonesia is one of the largest markets for energy production and is extremely rich in energy resources. The energy sector is a significant source of revenue for the country; through taxes and production sharing agreements, oil production accounts for approximately 20% of state revenues. In 2011 the Indonesian government estimates income for oil to be US$ 6.1 billion, with an additional income of  around US$16.5 billion from production sharing contracts. With the demand for oil expected to reach 65 million KL per year, Indonesia (together with China and India) will be one of the main targets for oil and gas investment.

Indonesia is in the process of rapid infrastructure development driven by a huge demand and strong government support. The government programs on infrastructure development cover toll roads, power, gas pipes, ports, airports, water supply and waste to energy.

Led by partner Irawati Hermawan, we have a strong Energy, Infrastructure & Project Finance practice with extensive experience working on infrastructure projects and in-depth knowledge of the unique and complex infrastructure regulation in Indonesia.  With substantial, technical expertise, significant transactional experience, and strong relationships with government regulatory bodies, our team is well-equipped to handle complex energy and infrastructure transactions, representing government, local and international private investors and operators as well as banks and financial institutions.

Corporate Litigations & Arbitration

Due to the unique nature of the Indonesian legal environment, lawyers require special expertise to handle dispute resolution cases in Indonesia. We have observed that multinational clients prefer working with trusted lawyers with in-depth understanding of the complex legal structure in Indonesia who also acknowledge and understand the value and good governance held by their multinational clients. 

Our team has advised on a number of corporate litigation and arbitration matters and is a trusted advisor to a number of leading national and international companies in a wide array of business sectors, including banking and finance, consumer products, construction and other service industries.

Capital Market & Privatization

Our Capital Markets and Privatization practice is lead by partner Cornel B. Juniarto, who has earned a considerable reputation advising clients on initial public offerings (IPOs) of equity and non-equity instruments (such as bonds, FRN, MTN, convertible and exchange bonds), rights issues, asset securitization, and other issues of securities both nationally and internationally. We also perform compulsory legal due diligence and issue required legal opinions in respect of BAPEPAM (the Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Agency) regulation.

IT & Telecommunications

The IT & Telecommunications sector is developing rapidly in Indonesia, and companies operating in the sector face increasing competition in Indonesia's unique regulatory environment. Our lawyers possess an in-depth understanding of IT and telecommunications regulatory framework and have extensive experience advising companies within this sector. We offer a wide array of legal services including regulatory compliance; lease and network use agreements; procurement and financing agreements; and other commercial transactions including mergers and acquisitions, and private equity and venture capital investments.


We offer general advisory services and drafting of construction agreements for contractors and developers in construction projects, including contracts for appointment of consultants and contractors and nominations for subcontractors. We also have experience drafting international standard construction agreements and also agreements in accordance with Indonesian regulations.

Intellectual Property Rights

We understand that intellectual property rights are a major concern to our clients and thus we are fully aware and knowledgeable of all aspects of intellectual property rights protection. We have significant experience assisting our clients in registering intellectual property rights both domestically and overseas. We enforce our clients intellectual property rights within Indonesia and advise on various intellectual property matters, including trademark protection, copyright and design rights, patent protection, franchising, licensing, distributorship and intellectual property litigation.

Restructuring/Reorganization of the Company

We understand that restructurings are occasionally necessary  to increase the efficiency and productivity of a distressed company. We can arrange restructuring scenarios and help our clients implement the appropriate restructuring plan for their needs, also including assisting in the process of obtaining the required Government licenses.

Merger & Acquisition

We understand that our Clients are dynamic enterprises and conduct several merger and acquisition activities as part of their restructuring process. We are proud to partner with our clients on their mergers and acquisitions, and support clients by conducting legal due diligence, formulating legal and profitable merger and acquisition strategies, and  drafting and negotiating relevant documents.

Corporate Commercial

Our corporate and commercial services include assisting clients in drafting and obtaining the relevant legal corporate documents in order to ensure full compliance with all prevailing regulations. We are dedicated to providing legal protection to our clients, and our experienced and specialized lawyers are competent in drafting and negotiating a number of corporate and commercial agreements including,  joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements, sale and purchase of assets agreements, and BOT (Built, Operation and Transfer) agreements, among others.

Capital Investment

Hermawan Juniarto counsels foreign investors who are interested in establishing and operating a corporation in Indonesia, advising them with regard to prevailing investment laws in Indonesia. Our services include preparing legal documentation and agreements, and assisting the client in obtaining approval from the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and other relevant institutions such as the Ministry of Laws and Human Rights.


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